Lexington Woods


Do you anthropomorphize trees? I do. Can’t help it. Madrones. Redwoods. Maples. Birch. I’m so in love with trees that I’ve named the maples outside my home after my novels. Not sure what will happen when I’ve written the next novel and I’m out of trees. Traveling is great for a writer because it alters your perceptions and perspective. Home is good too, because it grounds those travel experiences. I like to travel and write, then come home and edit. I’ve kept track of where I’ve written every novel. Wild Blue Yonder began on my deck in Lexington and ended here, too, but a lot of it was written at Squam Lake, New Hampshire. A major draft of Madrone was written in Santa Cruz. Much of Bridge Across the Ocean was set, and written, on the island of Magong, off the coast of the island of Taiwan. The entire first draft of Anarchy was written in Port Launay, France (land of revolution and anarchy). Books are made of trees, and one hopes they will be as intellectually sturdy and long-lived as their forebears.

Bridge Across The Ocean


Coming Soon!

A story of three American cyclists, two Japanese espionage agents, a beautiful Taiwanese woman and the world’s most revolutionary bicycle.