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Jack B. Rochester

NoMoWar, Boyo b/c it’s stupid and it hurts · Dogs, cuz they love unconditionally · Love at first sight · Macs: what’s not to love? · Women: what’s not 2 love? · The heart is never neutral · Turner Classic Movies · Bicycling · Cowboy boots · Mindfulness · If we can’t kid each other, who can we kid? · Lucas Davenport novels · Aristotle, Confucius, Lao Tzu, and Plato: the best band ever! · Books · Pepperoni and black olive pizza · cookies · Fun, Fun, Fun · You are what you archetype · “The Whistler,” “Suspense,” “Yours Truly Johnny Dollar,” “Dimension X,” and “The Shadow,” (who knows…heh heh heh) · SUVs · Synchronicity and the (dis)appearance of meaning · Irony · The Cosmic Giggle, Cosmic Cycle of the Hero, and Carl Sagan’s Cosmos · MacGuyvering objects of poor design and unfulfilled utility · Did I mention Books? · If we are the seventh generation of humans on earth, imagine what the eighth will be like · Change: gimme gimme · Push creativity (more work, but better stuff) · L’art pour l’art · The Joshua Tree · NoMo doctors, NoMo pill commercials, NoMo western medicine, NoNo NO MO “healthcare” insurers running the show · Podcasting · Any sufficiently advanced technology that turns into magic · Danger, Mystery and Intrigue · Anything that doesn’t kill you · Five Guys burgers · U2, BeatlesBeethovenBrahms, “Déjà Vu,” “Hotel California,” “Astral Weeks,” but please no polkas or marches, ever · 4K, Blu-Ray, whaddayasay….

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