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  1. Dan
    November 24, 2019 @ 12:38 pm

    Correct on the premise, Jack, about anarchy as a change agent, long as there is a worthy goal. Anarchy can lead to a Stalinist Russia and Soviet Union, or a communist China or Cambodia, or simple a military dictatorship of any persuasion, or to an America where things start all over again from a better place, with a better promise. Anarchy is simple being alert to the forces that dominate you, then reacting to them for wresting control for a better condition. Driving all this is the innate force of all things, plant and animal. Tribes take over tribes, nations take over nations, religions subjugate other religions, ethinicities enslave other ethnicities. And weeds take over gardens, grass, golf courses, unless stopped. All things seek to dominate their environments, a natural drive that must be steered. But so much of anarchy is directed toward a socialist state wherein individuals must surrender personal freedoms and choices to their neighbors and bureaucrats, and to absentee management…And the problem starts all over again with more anarchy, misery and death. Somebody always pays more than others.


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