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  1. Dan Coleman
    August 22, 2020 @ 9:06 pm

    Good to see someone call a hot-shot author and/or his or her editor on their apparent lack of concern for quality product. Seems most successful authors today–meaning the money makers–edit their own works. Just throw it at the walls, see what sticks because they’ll sell, anyway. Screw quality. Self-published authors are dragged over the coals for a couple typos, though, admittedly, it’s usually a couple hundred or more. One of my favorites had eighteen errors in the first two-thirds of the last of his books I read. The last. Sorry, no more…Sue Grafton told me once she edited all her books in the later years. And it was hard to find more than two or three typos in her works. Goes to her literacy quotient… I often wonder, when reading some of these tomes, if the term “editor” has a meaning related to editing. In the earlier days of my reading habit the editing didn’t catch my eye. Don’t know if it’s because the quality of writing and editing was better then, or because I was so dumb I didn’t recognize an error when I saw one… Thanks for a take on something we need more of, a more critical eye. With the cost of books theses days, in any form, we deserve better.


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